Each quarter, Buckingham Foundation organizes a volunteer initiative for Buckingham employees to give back to the community in a hands-on way. In addition to these quarterly volunteer projects, Buckingham team members also receive eight "volunteer time off" hours annually to use for their personal volunteerism. 

This quarter, we had 15 volunteers spend their afternoon at Gleaners Food Bank in Indianapolis to help package food for Hungry Hoosiers. Throughout the afternoon, our team sorted and distributed 5,767 pounds of nonperishable food to provide meals for 4,806 Hoosiers in our community in just a few short hours. Local grocery stores donate expired or unused, nonperishable food to Gleaners, who then utilizes volunteers to sort through the donated food and organize it into categories for easy distribution. It’s amazing the impact organizations can make for Gleaners in just a few short hours.

Buckingham Foundation Volunteers at Gleaners Food Bank

“I’ve been with Buckingham for 10 years, and the great part about the Foundation is it has always been a way for employees to give back, and not every company has that,” says Kristen LaPorte. “As the company continues to grow and the Foundation continues to evolve, we offer projects throughout the year. So, if you can’t do something the first quarter, you have the opportunity to do something later in the year. It’s not just a one-time a year thing.”

Over the past 11 years, Buckingham Foundation has granted over $2 million to numerous nonprofits in the communities where our employees work and our residents live. Buckingham Foundation’s mission is to create positive change in the areas of affordable housing, community & economic development, and arts & culture. To donate today, visit us here.

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