Perhaps the only people more excited about this month's Super Bowl XLVI in downtown Indianapolis than fans from the New York Giants or New England Patriots were Erica Metzger, CAM, CAPS and Linda Ferril, CPM, of apartment management firm Buckingham Companies. 

Neither did any of the punting, passing or kicking in the big game, but as property management executive staff for the Indianapolis‐based company, they served the needs of nearly 200 short‐term out‐of‐towners who were among the nearly 80,000 to descend upon Indianapolis for this year's Super Bowl. 

Senior Property Manager Erica Metzger and Regional Property Manager Ferril, along with countless onsite and executive staff from Buckingham, certainly put in more than a long season's worth of work for this profitable leasing opportunity. Buckingham began gearing up for these short stays months before NFL training camps opened late last summer, according to Buckingham Companies' Alexandra Jackiw, CAPS, CPM, Executive Vice Presiden and Chief Strategy Officer. "When we learned about two years ago that the Super Bowl was coming to Indianapolis in 2012, we looked to see how we could participate and benefit in big events like this," Jackiw says. Buckingham staff established and maintained regular contact with the Super Bowl planning committees of the league, downtown Indianapolis and the cities of the participating teams leading up to the game. 

Ferril says the most advantageous connection Buckingham made during the process was the NFL‐affiliated group Fan Experience. This organization is deeply involved in many Super Bowl organizational logistics, including finding housing fo rits affiliates' guests who attend. 

"At first, we thought about advertising our availabel apartment omes through online listings and the usual oher marketing avenue," Ferril says, "but with Fan Experience, we're fortunate because hey take care of most of the logistics. We provide the housing and they choose who will live where. They collect the rent for us and write us one big check." 


The Buckingham community in downtown Indianapolis that was home to the majority of Fan Experience's guests was The Avenue, a brand‐new, 146‐unit downtown student housing community. To Buckingham's coincidential good fortune, it was delivered in December. Buckingham leased 83 of its four‐bedroom apartments at The Avenue at $450 per day/ per bed (four‐day minimum stay). Ferril says these Super Bowl short stays brought in the equivalent of two months worth of rental income tha tthe Buckingham property is expecting to receive during the upcoming school year, based on anticipated $2,000 ($500 per bed) per month.

Ferril, who was interviewedd for the article about three weeks prior ot Super Bowl Sunday, says Buckingham was expected to rent approximately 30 other apartment homes of various sizes at its other downtown outlyin area communities for the Super Bowl, most likely through Fan Experience. 

"We probably won't know exact details about those rentals until just a few days before the game," Ferril says. "It will come down to supply and demand." Not knowing the residents, she says, is one aspect that is challenging from a management company's perspective. "We're told by Fan Experience that it will fill these unity with 'behind‐the‐scenes' people," Ferril says. "We're not sure what that means. We could get the workers who help to set up the stage, or we could get the actual performers. Having residents with so‐called celebrity status coudl come with the kind of additional social activities that some in this clientese are known for." 

To furnish the homes at The Avenue, Buckingham held a contest called the Super Bowl Shuffle among its staff members from its surrounding communities, Jackiw says. "Members are timed, hustling through the apartment homes to see who can stock them the fastest." Jackie says.Ferril, who admits she is not a football fan, says her entire staff is excited about the opportunity. 

"Because of what we've done through Fan Experience, many of our staff will be able to participate in festivities that surround the game," she says.


And what's a big football game without tailgating? Sure enough, another Buckingham property‐Harness Factory located on Georgia Street just a few blocks from the Super Bowl site's Lucas Oil Stadium‐will lease its community parking lot to NFL sponsor Anheuser‐Busch for game‐day celebration. This setup at Super Bowl Village represents another profit opportunity for Buckingham. 

Jackie says these pre‐game social events will inconvenience residents to some degree, but many are excited to at least remotely be involved in the celebration. 

In preparation, Jackie says Harness Factory's onsite staff gave community residents sufficient notice and appropriate alternative parking options for the Super Bowl weekend. Jackie says one other challenge was an extensive visit to the community by the U. Department of Homeland Security as part of its preparation for having celebrity residents who were expected to attend functions at The Avenue during Super Bowl weekend.

Although the NFL's Super Bowl location announcement is widely publicized, Jackie says management firms in any market who stay tuned‐in to what is going on in their communities can pinpoint and take advantage of other such short‐term leasing opportunities. 

Her company has hosted one‐weekend to one‐month stays for events such as a national equestrian show as well as he more predictable weekend room‐stays during Notre Dame University's six or seven home football games each year in South Bend, Ind. 

"In a case like Notre Dame, you know the games will be played every year," Jackie says. "The alumni come back they need a place to live, there's not an abundance of housing in a town like South Bend, so these regulars count on us." 

Also worth consideration are events such as the Final Four weekend in NCAA men's and women's basketball, NCAA conference football title games, major professional golf tournaments and the need for housing during the month‐long lead‐up to events such as the Indianapolis 500, which must provide living arrangements for participants, crews and spectators.