Never Settle. Never Fit In.

New website. Same Buckingham. At Buckingham, we don’t let convention stand in our way. We’re united by our relentless search to find better ways of doing things in everything that we do. So when it came to building our new brand, we thought it was time to focus a little bit more on who we are and how we do things.

Who We Are

For the past 30 years, Buckingham has grown from a modest rental property company to a company that manages nearly $1 billion in real estate assets. We did it by being an organization that breaks industry barriers, seeks out challenges and never stops looking for a better way in order to leave a lasting impact on communities and lives. We’re proud to be different. We strive to never settle for anything but the best and never quite fit into industry standards. It’s who we are, which goes into everything we do.

How We Do It

We See Different. We don’t look for the same old opportunities. We look to set new standards within the industries we operate. That means finding projects and lines of business that celebrate the Art of Living.

We Think Different. Every challenge we have is an opportunity to be creative. From rental properties to construction developments, we bring creative thinking to every detail of every project. We appreciate the details always look for a better way.

We Work Different. The things that are standard to us are not standard to our industry. We collaborate to focus on solutions and we’re a service-first organization, not a product-first company. And we embrace a “done is never done” mentality, so we’re always improving, always setting a new standard.

We Build Different. For us, it’s not about development, construction and property management. It’s about building long term relationships and creating communities. The projects we create are made to stand the test of time and always impact lives in a positive way.

Our website may have changed. But our essence is still the same. Our creativity, our passion, our commitment, that’s what makes us different – that’s what makes us Buckingham.

Never Settle. Never Fit In.


Why We Give Back

At Buckingham, we take pride in going the extra mile - or two. We believe that what we do goes beyond construction, development and management.

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