An Introduction to Buckingham Foundation

At Buckingham, we take pride in going the extra mile - or two. We believe that what we do goes beyond construction, development and management. To us, it’s all about building relationships, creating stronger bonds and giving back to the communities that give so much to us. It’s more than a company value – it’s our promise to always help out. We call it Buckingham Foundation.


About Buckingham Foundation

Founded in 2006, Buckingham Foundation was the culmination of years of giving back as a company. We decided it was time to give the philanthropic culture a name and make it a forward-facing part of our corporate identity. But we always wanted it to be more than just donating money to worthy causes. So we made it our mission to take a hands-on approach to helping out. We’re actively pursuing ways we can help create strong and measurable improvements that create long-term sustainability in our communities. But it’s not just one or two initiatives a year. We’re constantly looking for ways we can help out, because we believe it’s a job that’s never done. That type of thinking isn’t just a part of who we are – it is who we are.


The Mission

Our mission on philanthropy is the same as our mission as a company. We want to create positive change by doing the following:

  • Aiding affordable housing and reducing homelessness
  • Assisting community and economic development
  • Supporting arts and culture

When each of those three areas is changed for the better, communities grow stronger. And when communities grow stronger, we’re doing our job.


How We’re Helping Lately

It’s not just one place and it’s not just one program. Here are just a few ways Buckingham Foundation has been making a positive impact on communities lately.   

Nashville, Tennessee – Our construction team organized contractors and employees to donate to Toys For Tots in time for the holiday season.

Zionsville, Indiana – Residents joined together to donate food and pet supplies to local organizations in need.

Indianapolis, Indiana – Our <3INDY campaign raised more than $25,000 for the Buckingham Food Pantry at George Buck Elementary and the future 2016 Buckingham Family Kitchen at Shepherd Community Center.

Cincinnati, Ohio – Employees reached out to the local youth center to donate much needed kitchen appliances, household goods and volunteer time.


Help Us Help Out

We don’t do this alone. It’s a collective rolled-up-sleeves effort from Buckingham, Buckingham Foundation and the people of our communities. Learn more about Buckingham Foundation or how you can pitch in to make our communities better. It’s the job that’s never done, but rest assured – we’re always working on it.

Next Up

The New

New website. Same Buckingham. At Buckingham, we don’t let convention stand in our way. We’re united by our relentless search to find better ways of doing things in everything that we do.